Month: March 2010

The Hula Hoop: Alternative Medicine?

The Times Argus in Montpelier, Vermont, writes, “What do a psychic, a hula hooper, an herbalist and a masseuse have in common? They’re capable of curing what ails you, according to several people who attended the first ever 2010…

Hooping Is Hip Again In Yorkshire

In the UK, a new fitness craze is running rings around traditional exercise classes in Yorkshire. Fitness instructor Vicky Lakin says, “It’s going mad, I’m fully booked already. I’ve got about 12 courses running a week at the moment. It’s…

RSA Code Breakers Ball

Natasha Young of Hoopsie Daisy,, Satise Dizon of Honey Hoops, Annie Weinert of AnnieLand, Jennifer Severo of Tasty Hoops, Claudia Graziano, and Julie Greicius perform at the RSA Codebreakers Ball inside San Francisco City Hall in San Francisco, California.

Goldfrapp: Dreaming

Our track of the week is called “Dreaming” and it’s the latest from Goldfrapp from their new release “Head First.” Give it a listen on the Hoop Sounds iPod below and check out the rest of their new album and…

Below The Knees

Holly Hula of Hot Hoopers takes us below the knees for some calf and ankle hooping in this week’s tutorial. She lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Sphere of Death

Christy Horne recently performed at the Rio Grande Livestock Show in Mercedes, Texas, where she took time out to hoop on top of the Sphere of Death. She lives in Angels Camp, California.