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The Hula Hoop: Alternative Medicine?

hoopers The Times Argus in Montpelier, Vermont, writes, “What do a psychic, a hula hooper, an herbalist and a masseuse have in common? They’re capable of curing what ails you, according to several people who attended the first ever 2010 Expo.” Lizzie Brood led a workshop on hoop dance that included hooping while wearing a blindfold and listening to music. Hula-hooping is good exercise and gets the body moving, which is therapeutic, Brood said, but she struggled to put into words the healing properties of twirling a hoop around one’s body. But Susi Wahlrab, a yoga instructor from Calais, did not. “It’s, like, totally back to being a child and raw delight,” she said. “It makes you feel so happy. It’s a feeling of freedom.” TimesArgus

Hooping Is Hip Again In Yorkshire

hooper In the UK, a new fitness craze is running rings around traditional exercise classes in Yorkshire. Fitness instructor Vicky Lakin says, “It’s going mad, I’m fully booked already. I’ve got about 12 courses running a week at the moment. It’s going to be a massive craze around here because it’s just by word of mouth that I’ve got so busy. People have been ringing up from all over.” Yes, the hula hoop has grown up for fitness which is why it’s “favoured by celebrities such as Beyonce and Kelly Brook” who use it to “tone your entire body, develop core strength and help you to lose weight.” Lakin, whose business is called “Hoop Angels” told The Yorkshire Post, “It’s really good exercise. Hooping gives you a full body workout.” Full post: Yorkshire Post

Goldfrapp: Dreaming

goldfrapp: head first

Our track of the week is called “Dreaming” and it’s the latest from Goldfrapp from their new release “Head First.” Give it a listen on the Hoop Sounds iPod below and check out the rest of their new album and download it for yourself on iTunes by clicking:
Goldfrapp - Head First - Dreaming

Australia’s Amelia Burton Spins Fitness Hooping

amelia burton Amelia Burton is an Australian health and fitness coach who has worked with a variety of celebrities down under, as well as with Justin Timberlake. Recently she appeareed on Channel 9’s “Mornings with Kerry-Anne” to talk about the health benefits of hooping, and teach Kerry-Anne just how it’s done. Burton, who is calling hooping “The Latest Craze to Hit our Gyms” in Australia, explains on the program that hooping works your upper and lower abdominal muscles, obliques, lower and mid back, gluteus (butt), upper thighs, as well as your heart and lungs because it is “a great cardiovascular workout.” Watch the video here.