Hula Hooping an Olympic Sport?

rogge International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said organizers are considering the possibility of new Olympic sports, but before you start getting excited about hooping in the Olympics, here’s what else Rogge had to say. Apparently he doesn’t know hooping is alive and well and here to stay. When asked “One of the other things you talked about a lot during your time as president has been modernizing the Games and bringing in sports that appeal to youth. How can the IOC improve in bringing in sports or disciplines with growing appeal and removing sports and disciplines declining in appeal?” His response: “We’re always very careful before including a sport in the Olympic program to be sure it’s not a one-day trend — that it’s really something popular and something universal. There are many examples of sports that took up and disappeared. … I’m someone who was raised in the hula-hoop generation. I was good [at] hula hoop. I could hoop very well, and it was a rage, but it never got to the Olympic Games, thank God. We only put it in the Games once it’s withstood the test of time.” Sporting News

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