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Hula Hoop Heiress Loses Big On Divorce Appeal

elena marano Elena Bowes Marano, the Hula Hoop heiress, is being forced by a British court to pay her ex-husband £5 million to cover half the losses he suffered in the property slump, following their divorce battle in Britain’s Court of Appeal. Marano, who has a personal fortune of more than £19 million, was asked to pay the sum after her ex-husband Peter Marano’s equity in two office blocks went from being £88 million to £10 million in the red within just two years. The American heiress’s legal team argued that the £5 million bill was “unfair” and “invaded” the trust fund left by her late father. It is believed to be the largest sum that a spouse has been ordered to pay to cover property losses in a divorce settlement heard by the court. Full story: Telegraph

How to Make High-Performance White Plastic Hoops.

connection diagram Rich Porter has been hooping with white plastic hoops since he first began experimenting with them a year and a half ago. “When I started my extensive research trying to find a lighter, more rigid plastic for my regular hoop, Patrick of psihoops was one of the first people I contacted. He’s been using alternative plastics for over five years for LED hoops. Back when he started using these types of plastic, the desire for faster, lighter hoops than could be made with black irrigation tubing just didn’t exist in our community.” Now he outlines how to connect the tubing in a comprehensive post sharing everything you’ll need to get started. Isopop

Hooping Is Hip Again

rachel attardi The Staten Island Advance in New York reports, “Stomach out. Then suck it back in. That’s the way to keep a hula hoop spinning around your middle, explains Rachel Attardi [pictured] to her class of eager hoopers. But the students in Ms. Attardi’s class at the Staten Island YMCA’s Broadway branch aren’t kids picking up their first hula hoop. They’re grown women looking for a way to exercise and have fun at the same time. “I never put a hula hoop around me that spun for more than a minute and now I can hula hoop,” said Donna Zulch of West Brighton after a recent Wednesday night class. “I go to the gym a lot, to spin class and boot camp, and I wanted a time to go do something different.” Staten Island Advance

Hooping It Up in Huntsville

hooper with glow hoop In Alabama, The Huntsville Times reports, “Amanda Norman, 22, of Huntsville took up her first hoop in 2008 after seeing fire hooping in a YouTube video. Her fascination with the performance led to learning about hooping for fitness. “I started researching it and made my own fire hoops,” Norman said. “It started as kind of joke and turned into something very real. I’m getting certified to teach hooping for fitness.” She’s also a living example of the benefits. “I lost 25 pounds my first year of hooping,” she said. “It’s helped my confidence, I feel good about my body, and I feel active and healthy.” Huntsville Times