Just Hoop It Sacramento Style

hoopers The Sacramento Bee reports, “Undulating her hips hypnotically, Allison Miller can almost make you think the hoop spinning around her waist is suspended in air, defying gravity. Round and round it goes – effortlessly for hoopers, it seems. And the six students following Miller, 21, at her hooping-for-fitness class in Carmichael try to keep pace, though occasionally the multicolored sparkly hoops clang to the wood floor. … By the end of this particular hourlong class, some will have figured out this new move and some will have struggled. All, however, will be red-faced and sweaty from a surprisingly vigorous workout. And they’ll experience something many couldn’t find in other exercise programs. ‘Fun,’ says Marcia Alexander, 49, of Sacramento. ‘It’s the one time of the week I know I’m going to laugh for an hour.'” Full story: Sacramento Bee

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