Jessica Bullock Accidentally Got In Shape

jessica In Dallas, Texas, the Advocate Magazine reports, “Some people drink booze or pop anti-depressants in order to stave off the blues, but East Dallas resident Jessica Bullock deals in another way. ‘I could never be in a bad mood while I’m hula hooping,’ she says. … A few years ago, Bullock located some hula-hooping soul mates, and the group began holding weekly hoop sessions at White Rock Lake. Today she is training to become a certified hula-hoop instructor through Instantaneous good moods are nice, but the groovy exercise has had unexpected perks. Bullock, a self-proclaimed ‘big girl’, has toned up significantly by way of the core-strengthening hula movements. ‘I call it the accidental workout,’ she says. ‘I’ve lost about 30 or so pounds without even paying attention.'” Full story: Advocate

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