Anchorage Gets Hoopaphoric

megan turner In Alaska, The Anchorage Daily News reports, “For Megan Turner, life was once bliss-deficient and hoopless. That was before she picked up her first Hula Hoop at the Girdwood Forest Fair. It took a few whirls to get the hang of it, but once she did, there was no turning back. ‘It was one of the greatest feelings,’ she said. ‘I just hooped for hours and hours. I hooped all day long. It was definitely a match made in heaven.’ Now at 30 she’s a bona fide hoop babe. She teaches hoop dance, throws hoop jams and calls the business side of her hoop life AK HoopBliss because that’s what she feels when the music is cranking and she’s gyroscoping around all hoopaphoric and in the zone. Who knew a loop of polyethylene thermoplastic could be so life altering? Depending on who’s talking, it could also change the world. Because love isn’t all you need; what you need is hoop love.” Full story: The Anchorage Daily News. Watch the accompanying video piece below:

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