Month: December 2009

Anchorage Gets Hoopaphoric

In Alaska, The Anchorage Daily News reports, “For Megan Turner, life was once bliss-deficient and hoopless. That was before she picked up her first Hula Hoop at the Girdwood Forest Fair. It took a few whirls to get the hang…

Mom is Hooping

Bianca gave her mother (pictured) a hoop for Christmas and she’s already spinning it up. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee.


Jenny “Sennyo” Carr performs in the Christmas Show at Morita’s School of Dance in Hermon, Maine.

Jessica Bullock Accidentally Got In Shape

In Dallas, Texas, the Advocate Magazine reports, “Some people drink booze or pop anti-depressants in order to stave off the blues, but East Dallas resident Jessica Bullock deals in another way. ‘I could never be in a bad mood while…

Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia Della Notte

This week’s hoop track is putting the house back in our house! It’s called “Sinfonia Della Notte” and it’s the latest from New York-based DJ and producer Dennis Ferrer. It’s been added to our hoop sounds iPod below – and…