Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair Sets New World Record

dizzy hips on the early show While the old record for the most number of hula hoops spun simultaneously might appear daunting at 107, it was no match for Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair during his appearance on The CBS Early Show in New York City. Breaking the record by spinning not 108 – but actually 132 hoops simultaneously, Blair put himself clearly in the Guiness Records Book. Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith of The Early Show spoke to Blair on the show and were present for his breaking of the record. The record requires the hoops to spin for three full revolutions to count and must remain between shoulders and knees. Asked how one prepares for something like this Blair responded, “First you have to get the hoops. … You start with one and keep adding more.” Blair also holds records for the hula hoop 1 mile as well as the Men’s 10 km. Watch video of Blair from the Early Show below:

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