Need a Good Workout? Try Hoop Dancing

hooper The Globe and Mail, the national Canadian newspaper, reports that if you want a good workout you should try hoop dancing. They report, “Hoop dancing has become a trendy form of fitness over the past few years (Beyoncé and Shakira are among devotees), owing in part to Los Angeles-based “hooping guru” Anah Reichenbach (aka Hoopalicious) and subsequently, Hoopnotica, a Venice, Calif., company that sells hoops and instructional DVDs. … Doug Richards, medical director of the MacIntosh Clinic at the University of Toronto, says such large hoops move slower, but require more pushing – hence the workout. ‘It may not be the easiest form of cardio but it will burn calories,’ he says adding that improved co-ordination and motor control are added benefits.” Full story: The Globe and Mail

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