Monthly Archives: November 2009

Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair Sets New World Record

dizzy hips on the early show While the old record for the most number of hula hoops spun simultaneously might appear daunting at 107, it was no match for Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair during his appearance on The CBS Early Show in New York City. Breaking the record by spinning not 108 – but actually 132 hoops simultaneously, Blair put himself clearly in the Guiness Records Book. Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith of The Early Show spoke to Blair on the show and were present for his breaking of the record. The record requires the hoops to spin for three full revolutions to count and must remain between shoulders and knees. Asked how one prepares for something like this Blair responded, “First you have to get the hoops. … You start with one and keep adding more.” Blair also holds records for the hula hoop 1 mile as well as the Men’s 10 km. Watch video of Blair from the Early Show below:

La Clique Returns To London’s Roundhouse

marawa La Clique has returned to London through January 17, 2010, and Marawa is hooping it up in the show this year. She told the Independent, “I have a huge stack of hoops. I do a little bit of rollerskating. A little bit of going up in the air, a little bit of spinning a massive stack [of hoops]. It’s more like a sort of rock concert than a cabaret show I reckon because it feels like a stadium in there. We got the little stage in the middle and people all around it and it gets kind of crazy. I’m really excited about performing at the Roundhouse because it’s really like being ‘in the round’ like an old traditional circus…” There’s more on Marawa here and here and more about La Clique here. Watch a video that includes an interview with Marawa below:

Above and Beyond and Blakroc

above and beyondblakroc

There’s two hoop tracks this week starting off with “Anjunabeach” from Above and Beyond to get your rpm (rotations per minute) up. It’s on the Hoop Sounds iPod below – and download it and more mixes on iTunes by clicking:
Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach (Remixes) - EP - Anjunabeach (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
Secondly, it’s “What You Do To Me” by Blakroc which delivers a slower spin if you’re so inclined. It’s on the Hoop Sounds iPod too and you can download it and more from Blackroc’s self-titled debut on iTunes by clicking:
Blakroc - Blakroc - What You Do to Me (feat. Billy Danze, Jim Jones & Nicole Wray)

Healing Yourself in the Hoop: Mind|Body|Spirit

hoops Andi Epstein of Hoop Habit has a featured column about hooping now in Far Out Magazine. Writing about healing yourself in the hoop in this issue she writes, “This circle welcomes you to the center of your life. Step into the Hoop Habit, heal yourself; it is time to be the person you have always wanted to be. Create an alter ego – allow the hoop to guide your inner mascot out- become your own liberated cheerleader; it changes your perspective, remind- ing you that the world is deep and full of abundance. Free the childlike frolic in you. Enjoy the laughter of hooping as the mind surrenders to the movement. Let the projections of others melt away any physical, emotional or third dimensional weight.” Full article: Far Out Magazine. And here’s an earlier column too.