Mississippi Sees Hooping On The Rise

gabrielle The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal writes, “Rebecca Lane Walker is addicted. Addicted to hooping. It’s a big step for someone who just started two months ago. ‘Mostly it makes you feel so good and it’s so good for you, Walker said. Walker, who lives in Tupelo, Mississippi, said one of the main reasons she does it is for exercise. So far, she’s lost two dress sizes in two months. The self-described hoop dancer practices up to three hours every day. … Gabrielle “Soulhooper” Lott (pictured) of Oxford, Mississippi, started teaching hooping classes in Tupelo this summer. The trick for beginners, Walker said, is ‘you can’t be ashamed. You just have to go for it.’ Lott added, “Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re not hooping for the people around you. You are hooping for yourself. If you can just step past that point of where you are concerned what people will think of you, you’ll open a whole new door to your life.” Full story: NEMS 360

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