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Hooper Cove

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Eve Proper and friends were driving from North Carolina to Tennessee on the Cheorhala Skyway when they stopped at a scenic overlook. Realizing where she was, she had to hoop! Photo by Christy.

Hula Hoops Get Hip in Maine

jenny carr In Maine, The Bangor Daily News reports, “Hips don’t lie. Neither do the arms, neck, hands, legs or any other body part around which a Hula-Hoop can spin. There’s a special combination of grace and coordination that keeps that big, plastic circle spinning around your hips. Just ask Jenny Carr, a hooper who has been gyrating in the Bangor area for the past year. Carr, 32, has practiced Middle Eastern dance, or belly dance, for years, but only picked up a Hula-Hoop in April 2008, after an article in a magazine piqued her interest. Within six months, Carr had taken her considerable belly dance skills and applied them to her newfound passion. Shortly after that, she completed a hoop-dance certification program, and began teaching classes in Portland and Bangor. Now, Carr makes her own hoops, out of a special type of irrigation tubing and rolls of multicolored electrical tape. In performance, she adds in LED lights and glow-in-the-dark tape to make a visual spectacle that’s partly belly dance, partly circus performance and always gracefully unique.” Bangor Daily News

Erin Shaw Street: My First Person Hooping Experience

erin When Erin Shaw Street first heard about hula hooping as a trend, she reacted the same way a lot of people do: “Come again?” Or at least a lot of people living in the Southern United States. Sharing her first person hooping experience at, Erin told readers, “I visited Sunny Becks at her studio Hooprama, where I learned that yes, hooping is most definitely a workout. … Hoopers say this and it’s true — the repetitive motion of the hoop can be calming, almost Zen like. (OK, I wasn’t exactly being enlightened out on the floor but it was relaxing once I got the swing of it.) … When I asked Sunny how much time a hooper should practice every day she said that her advice is just to put on one great song and hoop through it. If you’re having fun, try another, and another. The advice works — once I put on my music there’s no stopping me. The neighbors are probably tired of hearing The BeeGees blasting from my iPod speakers.” Full story:

Aaron Hibbs Breaks Hula Hoop Marathon Record

aaron hibbs It looks like Aaron Hibbs has finally done it! While his previous attempts at setting a new world record for the longest period of time spent hooping didn’t quite get there, this week Hibbs appears to have made his mark. Hooping for 75 consecutive hours on October 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th, at The Shelf and Skylab in Columbus, Ohio, Hibbs bested the official Guinness standing world record of 72 hours, set in 1984 by Kym Coberly. There have been others who have claimed to have broken Coberly’s record in the 1980’s, although the claims were never verified. Hibbs, who documented everything, is awaiting confirmation from Guinness that the record is official. Why did he do it? He wanted to do something special in his life, and he wants to encourage everyone to do something special in theirs as well. congratulates Aaron Hibbs!

Hula Hooping Builds Super Powers

philosophydoll hooping Once upon a time Ms. Philosophydoll left her home in Canada and visited her friend in Seattle, Washington. Her friend had a great big hoop up against the wall in the bedroom. Ms. Philosophydoll writes, “In a second I had that full circle spinning until there was a party going on in my body… A few minutes later I discovered that with one leg just a bit ahead of the other, the less you move the better it is… A month after that I made a class set for the twenty-four six and seven year olds I was working with… My students would always say, ‘Ms. Philosphydoll can’t we go outside first… it is so much easier for us to sit down and work after we’ve been hula hooping… it must build some kind of super powers.'” Soon the hoops were taking over the school! Full post with photos: Canuck’d