Month: October 2009

Hooper Cove

Eve Proper and friends were driving from North Carolina to Tennessee on the Cheorhala Skyway when they stopped at a scenic overlook. Realizing where she was, she had to hoop! Photo by Christy.

Hula Hoops Get Hip in Maine

In Maine, The Bangor Daily News reports, “Hips don’t lie. Neither do the arms, neck, hands, legs or any other body part around which a Hula-Hoop can spin. There’s a special combination of grace and coordination that keeps that big,…

Linda Farkas: Magma Fire Theater

Linda Farkas of Magma Firetheater presents highlights from her “No Fire Necessary” show, performed at the Bakelit Multi Art Center in Budapest, Hungary. She utilizes hoops, staff and other flowtoys. If you enjoy this, don’t miss her performing with fire…

Avenue of the Giants

Lindsay “L-drop” Nova is hooping admidst the redwood trees along the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California. Soundtrack: “Ritual” by Phutureprimitive.

Katie Hester

Katie Hester has high hoops in Bend, Oregon, so high the hoop is actually behind her in this beautiful shot taken by her sister.

Spin Cycle

Aubreylee Henriksen finds herself in the spin cycle while waiting for her clothes to dry. Give her a little time to get going. She lives in Chatanooga, Tennessee. Soundtrack: “Lionheart” by Emancipator (on iTunes).

Surfing Hooping Soness

Soness Stevens hoops on a surfboard she borrowed from a local Japanese father who was teaching his son to surf. Taken at a HoopLovers event in Kamakura, Japan. Photo by Chris Foskett.

Hula Hooping Builds Super Powers

Once upon a time Ms. Philosophydoll left her home in Canada and visited her friend in Seattle, Washington. Her friend had a great big hoop up against the wall in the bedroom. Ms. Philosophydoll writes, “In a second I had…