World Hoop Day Festivities Got America Spinning

mary pulak In Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Hoop Troop and Fox News had fun with hula hoops for World Hoop Day. Watch the video here. • In Indianapolis, Indiana, WTHR Channel 13 had the Indyhoopers on the 6am and 12noon news to promote World Hoop Day. Watch Lindsey Langolf, Lynn Spencer-Nelson and Taylor Mitchem in this video. • The Columbia Hoop Troop in South Carolina celebrated World Hoop Day. Kalayna Price writes, “A group of about eight of us showed up at the State House in the middle of downtown, turned on some belly dancing music, and just had fun hooping on the green. We got a lot of stares and a couple tourists snapping pictures of us, but we also talked some of the suits walking by to hoop with us.” Kalayna Price • In Washington, DC, the DC Hoop Collective had their World Hoop Day celebration going on at the Washington Monument from 4 to 8 pm. Express Night Out • In Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mary Pulak from Hooked on Hooping joined Good Day Wisconsin to show them how to hoop it up. Watch the video here. • In Columbia, Missouri, four different bands played live music for hoopers at the state capital building. KOMU

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