How to Hoop on a TV Talk or News Show

hoopgirl on tv Christabel “HoopGirl” Zamor shares her insights on how to hoop on a television talk show or news show. She writes, “I have promoted HoopGirl on television several hundred times and have learned many things through trial and error. Save yourself time and energy by learning from my experiences. … The producer is your key to a great show. This person is the go-between in between you and the show hosts and all of the technical support. … Keep in mind that no matter what you get asked, being interviewed is an opportunity to creatively share strategic marketing information about your HoopGirl Workout classes and your personal business. You need to invest time practicing answering questions in mock situations where you can create unique and fluid ways of delivering the message you want to share no matter what has been asked.” Full post: HoopGirl

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