Hooping.org Launches Our New Community Forums

philo When Hooping.org launched in 2003 we originally had community forums. They were pretty active. Rayna, Spiral, Christabel, Baxter, Anah, we were all in there chatting up a storm, but Hooping.org was on a fly-by-night server back in the day and after about a year someone hacked our forums and deleted everything. The decision was made not to rebuild them and to make our hooping tribe on Tribe.net the community space. It all went very well, although none of us imagined that a few years down the road we’d be faced with the possibility of losing all that we’d built there. Major outages lasting several days at a time began earlier this year – and people started writing asking for Hooping.org to bring the forums back.
The work on the Hooping.org forums began in January and it has been a slow process, but I wanted it to be the right one. I wanted to create something good enough to rival our Tribe and provide as much of the same experience as possible, if not better. I wanted something that could last and would be solidly built. I also wanted the new community space to be entirely on our server, community owned, by and for hoopers, rather investing in and utilizing another third-party service like Facebook or Ning. I didn’t want to see the hooping community end up in the same situation again.

Last week the forums were unveiled to nearly one hundred testing volunteers and it all went very well. A myriad of small to large problems were uncovered – and they’ve been corrected and addressed. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in that important process from the bottom of my heart. And now the forums are officially open for our hooping community to once again create profiles and groups, post events in the calendar, blog, to view and share videos and more. It may have taken five years, but the Hooping.org Forums have returned. I sincerely hope you will find that they are well worth the wait with new features as well to be included in the months ahead.
Take a moment to be certain that you can obtain email from hooping.org prior to registering to ensure that your confirmation email does not wind up in your spam filter. Then enter the forums and register. I look forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions check our discussion groups or contact me. And if you should run into anything particularly unusual please let me know. Thanks!
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Philo Hagen

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