Month: August 2009

Hooping Blue is off this week at Burning Man. Don’t you wish you were painted blue and hooping in a dust storm? Photo by Philo Hagen.

Hooping at Burning Man Flashback

Five years ago Stefan Pildes made this great video that captures the hooping experience at Burning Man. With on hiatus while we are there this week, it seemed the perfect time for this flashback.

Up In Flames: Our Annual Hiatus wishes everyone a very happy week while we are away at Burning Man. It’s time for our annual week-long hiatus spent in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada hooping ourselves silly, meeting up with hoopers from all over and…

Indianapolis Star

Lynn Spencer-Nelson of Indyhoopers spun it up in IndyFringe’s Opening Night Parade and Preview Party in Indianapolis, Indiana. as reported by The Indianapolis Star.

Letting Go and New Connections

K. in Virginia writes, “Becoming ‘a hooper’ has changed my whole identity – or, rather, completed it. Sure, I had a decent idea of who I was before the hoop – but it was a work in progress at best.…

Sharna Rose Expresses Herself

Sharna Rose is on a mission to fall in love with her body. We’ve been in love with hooping for quite some time. She lives in Maidstone, England. Soundtrack: “Afro Dizzi Act” by Cry Sisco (1989).

Haiku Hooper

Haiku School second-grader Taylor Kealoha, 6, hoops with Jeska Martodam in this photo from the Maui News in Hawaii.

Christian Science Monitor Gets Readers Hooping

Kimberly Chase writes for the Christian Science Monitor, “It’s a common sight in San Francisco – the green grass of a neighborhood park is accented by brightly colored hoops twirling at improbable angles around people grooving stylishly to dance music…

The Oh My God Girls

The Oh My God Girls include Rachel Trachtenburg 15, June Lei 13, and Julia Cumming 13. They sing the Hula Hoop Song while hooping at the 6th Street Garden in the East Village in New York City.