Trout Towers: Hooping

susan Susan writes, “Last winter I wrote an investigative piece for a local paper. It involved going deep undercover. It involved taking a hula hooping class. I know! The things I do for work! It was a blast. I learned to spin it around my hand and up over my head. By the end of the night I could spin it over my head and then drop it down around my waist without knocking myself unconscious. Also by the end of the night I had sent it spinning out of control into groups of other students, nearly knocking them unconscious several dozen times. There is a reason they don’t put spikes or razor wire around the outside of beginner hoops. The next morning, I knew I had taken a hooping class. I am here to say that pilates is for pansies and if you really want a core workout, take up hooping. Especially at the beginning, when every muscle in your body is tensed in fear. Good stuff.” Full post: Trout Towers

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