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Accountants Who Hoop Are Not Boring

accountant hooping City Business in New Orleans, Louisiana, reports, “For forensic accountant Philip Monteleone, everything wrong with the public’s perception of his profession can be summarized by an episode of the popular crime drama CSI Miami.” He explains that everybody on the show is beautiful, even the IRS agent – then the auditor arrives. “They call in the guy and he looked like he came in off Revenge of the Nerds wearing a pocket protector and bottle cap glasses,” Monteleone said, adding, “Nobody thinks of a CPA as having an interesting life.” Fellow auditor Trish Thibodeau, however, has found one for herself thanks to hooping. “If anyone breaks the accounting stereotype, it’s definitely me,” said Thibodeau (pictured), who has been hooping for several months and intends to take her skills public soon. In fact she’s going to take a glow-in-the-dark hoop with her to the Voodoo Music Experience. “I’m an accountant,” she said, “who’s trying to make us not boring.” New Orleans City Business

Hoop Back In The Loop In Auckland

michelle keenan hooping The Aucklander in New Zealand reports, “It’s all about hip-hop movement, and my hips don’t want to move. Michelle Keenan (pictured) grabs my waist and tells me to, ‘circle, circle, circle’. I manage a few stiff side-to-sides. When it comes to hula-hooping this fitness guru is in another league. Forget the waist-jiggling of your childhood, this is hooping with attitude. And she is now taking classes for all ages in halls, homes and workplaces throughout Auckland. Ms Keenan is a pilates instructor by trade and her clients kept asking about a fun weight-loss and cardio alternative to treadmill work. She was in the supermarket when inspiration circled, well, like a hula-hoop. ‘I saw a little girl playing with a hula-hoop and went home and investigated.’ What Ms Keenan discovered was a worldwide hula-hooping community on the net.” Aucklander

Making Hoola Hoops With The Orbettes

orbettes It’s time to make some hoops with The Orbettes in Houston, Texas. They write, “Rustle up an employee that can tell you where everything is. This will probably be the hardest part of the whole process. Make a list and show them what you need and which godforsaken aisle it might be on. Better yet, tell them you are making a hula hoop. Most hardware stores get more DIY hoop makers than you’d guess and the employees I’ve met have all known why I was buying the tubing. I guess I don’t look like I’m in the irrigation business?” They take you the whole process and tell you just how they do it. The Orbettes

Courtney Bearer

Courtney Bearer, age 7, performed a hoop dance routine as her talent and not only won that competition, she captured the title Miss Pennsylvania Princess 2009 in the National American Miss Pageant. Her routine in the all natural pageant that has a no makeup and age appropriate clothing policy included many Tricks of the Week. Courtney will represent Pennsylvania in the national pageant in November. Here she is not letting the rain stop her from hooping.

British Kids Get Into Hoop Hop

hooper The Northern Echo in Darlington, England, reports, “Hundreds of primary school pupils got themselves in a spin when they tried out a new way of keeping fit. Gathered in Middlesbrough’s Centre Square the youngsters enjoyed a Hoop Hop session, combining hip hop music with the traditional hoola hoop. Kellee McQuinn, the founder of Hoop Hop, led the sessions with children from Sacred Heart, Abingdon and Newport Primary schools. Janette Bainbridge, Middlesbrough Council’s Healthy Schools Manager, said: ‘Hoop Hopping is a dynamic physical activity that is ideal for improving health, getting fit and losing weight while having fun. … Its very suitable for people who do not like team games and requires little equipment.'” Full story: The Northern Echo