Mollie Hogan: Inside The Hoop

mollie Mollie Hogan of HoopDazzle, inc. is a HoopDance Instructor and a “facilitator in helping people find their own inner radiance.” She’s also the organizing force behind the Northwest Hoop Gathering that is happening April 10-12th in Bend, Oregon, an event that is bringing hoopers and instructors together from all over. Nominated for a Hoopie Award as Outstanding Hooping Instructor, Mollie’s really making a name for herself in the hooping community, so we knew it was time to find out more about her. You can find out more about her too in our interview with Mollie Hogan – our Hooper of the Week!

mollie So how did it all begin for Mollie? She said, “That’s easy. I was at a String Cheese Incident concert back in 2005 and the the WhiryGirlz were on stage. I leaned over to a friend and said ‘Oh, my God. I am going to learn how to do that!’ Two days later I scheduled my first lesson with Candice Schutter and drove six hours every two weeks for lessons for about six months.”
With four years inside the hoop under her belt, how often does she hoop right now? Mollie explained, “I try to hoop every day, even if it’s for only five minutes working on a specific move or just getting into it to relieve stress and feel yummy. I’m a long distance runner, Yogi and have my own real estate company so I can definitely would say that hooping falls into the cross-training aspect of my workouts, but I actually hate referring to it that way. I consider it more spiritual than just a work out!”
mollie Has hooping changed Mollie’s life? “What an understatement. Yes, of course! I think anyone bitten by the hoop bug will attest to that. I’m much more centered, though still a bit of a spaz, but a more centered spaz. I appreciate life more too. It’s tapped into something that leaves me feeling more positive about the potential in everything and everyone. That’s why I teach! I swear I was born because I was supposed to teach hoopdance. I love watching people turn on when they find a relationship with their hoop. They just glow and with each person that gets that touch, it spreads and ultimately makes the world a better place. Also, I can honestly say that people ask me all the time if I have a background in dance. Prior to hooping I actually had two left feet! It’s opened up my relationship with my body in a big way.”
We asked her about a favorite hooping memory. Her answer: “My favorite memories are watching my students light up. I love it when they nail a move and explode with joy. That’s what really makes my heart sing. Also, the day I got the Shishimna Shimmy (Chi) in my non-dominant direction with a tiny hoop.” Does she have a favorite hoop? She said, “I was actually making Doug, aka Snowflake, a set of twins and he was specific about them being 33″. I screwed up and cut one too short so I decided to wrap it for myself – and it’s my current favorite. It’s super shimmery gold with a diamondback looking half inch black gaff and I think it’s about a 31″. It’s absolutely beat to hell now, but it’s still my favorite!” And what’s her favorite music to hoop to? Mollie replied, “I know I’ll take a beating from a bunch of people over this, but I’m still a fan of Cheese. My body just responds to it. I also love to hoop to Sound Tribe Sector 9, EOTO, Panic, Thievery Corporation, and then the occasional Miles Davis track. Oh, and don’t laugh, Duran Duran. I can’t believe I just admitted that!”
What quality does Mollie most admire in a hooper? She revealed, “Friendliness, lack of ego, willingness to share, and those who believe in building community.” So what does she see as being her most marked hooping characteristic? “I really love making ‘s’ shapes with my body. I love all the ‘s’ words that go along with hooping too. Sexy, sultry, silly, shapely, sweet and spinning!”
mollie Is there anything else she wants’s readers to know about? Mollie notes, “Even though HoopDazzle, inc. is my primary hooping business name, I trademarked a subsidiary called Hoop-To-Heal that I’m using to teach free classes to people who want to use hooping as a form of healing. I truly believe that hooping is every bit as much of a healer as yoga, tai chi, or meditation. I work very closely with my local Breast Cancer foundation in raising money for them and to help survivors of any type of cancer find wellness through hooping. One student, Ellie Musgrove, came to class after a double mastectomy and her doctor says that he’s never seen anyone heal as quickly as she has. In fact he’s sending his patients to my Hoop to Heal classes. I’m also hosting the Northwest Hoop Gathering on April 10, 11, 12th here in Bend, Oregon, so please go to the site and check it out! We’ve got amazing instructors coming and there are still a few spaces left. Bend is really an amazing town. Our local hooping community has grown exponentially and we are really great hosts!”
In closing, if Mollie had one piece of advice to share with someone picking up a hoop for the very first time, what would it be? She said, “Flow. Find a move you can master even if it’s just waist hooping and then do it in a manner that has your signature all over it. Flow in my opinion is the place where mastery meets grace. I also encourage everyone to share. Life is much more fun when you open yourself up to others and share, and there’s nothing better to share than the joy of HoopDance!”
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