Month: April 2009

Give Your Mind A Hoop Workout

Betty Hoops writes on her blog, “The hula hoop is universal. Many people see the cool tricks and ask to learn them. That is like going into a yoga class and asking to learn the most advanced move. The idea…


Gracie is part of a whole family of hoopers in Richmond, Vermont. Photo by Sarah Hutchison.

Hooping It Up In Edmonton, Alberta

MacEwan Journalist reports, “There is a group of women in Edmonton that do something a little unusual on Monday nights. They whirl around what’s most often seen as child’s play. They gather to learn how to balance colorful rings around…

Hoop Daddy

Steve “Hoop Daddy” Drew isolates things at Bay Area Hoopers 6th Anniversary Hoop Jam at Dolores Park in San Francisco, California. Photo by Ali Kather from this photo set.

Code RED: Circus Conspiracy

Matthew “Poki” McCorkle and Brian Thompson of the Code RED: Circus Conspiracy perform another great piece from The Flow Show in San Francisco, California. Video by Antonio Gomez.