Monthly Archives: April 2009

Give Your Mind A Hoop Workout

betty hoops Betty Hoops writes on her blog, “The hula hoop is universal. Many people see the cool tricks and ask to learn them. That is like going into a yoga class and asking to learn the most advanced move. The idea of executing a 1 legged back bend when you can’t even touch your toes is unrealistic. This holds true for any sport. Your focus as a student should not be to copy cool tricks without learning the fundamentals. The focus as a teacher, in my opinion, is not to teach fancy tricks until students have learned the basics. Dancing sets the spirit free. I encourage all who hoop or want to get into hoop dance to focus on the internal rather than external. Feel your mind shift from ‘I want to look like that’ to ‘I want to discover how I look when I move’. Transform the emotion of ‘I can’t do that’ to ‘I can do that and silliness looks cool’.” Full Post: Betty Hoops

World Hoop Day On The White House Lawn?

obamas hooping It’s no secret that World Hoop Day has grown with every year, but this year the annual hooping event that is taking place on September 9, 2009, has its sights set on an extra and very specific goal. WHD Founder Hoopin’ Annie wants to see World Hoop Day celebrated on the White House lawn. A letter writing campaign has been launched aimed at just that. Why? It’s no secret Michelle Obama is a hooper. And when Michelle received 700 hand written valentines from a school in California that asked her to speak at their graduation, it worked! Now WHD is calling for hoopers to send letters and any possible hoops to the White House. Annie notes, “Imagine what we can do with all our Hoop Letters! Please send your letter asking them to host World Hoop Day on the White House Lawn for peace, health and to give back to the D.C. community!” Get the address and download WHD letterhead for the occasion: World Hoop Day

Making Quick-Release Connectors For Collapsible or Glowing Interior Hoops

quick connectors Kristen Teffeteller in Tennessee is sharing the news about her quick-release connectors for hoop making. She writes, “Why would one want to do this? For me, it was because I wanted a glow stick hoop that opened up easily. My original was just a twisting collapsible, but to open the hoop took more time than I wanted and I had to use a hairdryer until I managed to stretch one of the hoop ends out enough to just pull really hard on it.” That worked okay until she split her lip open taking it apart, so she came up with a different solution. You can read about it here: The Little One