New To The Hoop

She started hooping only four months ago and she’s lost thirty pounds. In fact she says the hoop is the best thing that ever happened to her. Soundtrack: “Let Your Troubles Roll By” by Carbon Leaf (on iTunes).



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  1. adrienne says:

    All i can say is: you inspire me! keep on hoopin’…you’ve got great moves, and you are doing something so wonderful for yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually! check out hoop convergence 09 in NC from May 8-11th…there will be teachers from around the country…i am a new hooper and i’m going!

  2. Kay Braun says:

    VERY nicely done!! Thanks for sharing your story and your hooping.

  3. Jinx says:

    Wow! You have such flow with the hoop! It’s inspiring. I have watched alot of hoop videos lately trying to learn myself and I have to say that your flow rivals some of the professionals already. Great video!

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