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Amazing Hoops Makes Weighted Fitness Hoops Comfortable

sweet and munoz Tulsa World reports, “If Amber Munoz hadn’t stopped for a smoothie one day and seen fliers advertising Margie Sweet’s business, Amazing Hoops might never have happened. Munoz, a personal trainer, was curious about the flier’s claims of a weighted fitness hoop that could trim your waistline. … Munoz liked the hoops so much, she bought one and took it home. It worked so well, she started using it with her personal training clients. But Sweet and Munoz started running into the same problem: for some people, the hoops hurt. The weighted hoops were bruising some client’s midsections and causing too much pain to be effective – even for a fitness tool designed to be used only 10 minutes a day. The weighted hoops came from a manufacturer on the East Coast, who could barely keep up with Sweet’s demand from customers anyway. Munoz had an idea: Why not try to make their own padded hoop? With that simple idea, Amazing Hoops was born. Now they have a patent-pending design, manufacture locally and have sold more than 10,000 hoops. ‘One guy came in and said ‘I haven’t seen these since my military days,’ ‘Munoz said. ‘Our thing is, these are serious workout tools.'” Full story: Tulsa World

Comparing Exercise Hoops

hoop Roy Wallack, author of “Run for Life: The Anti-Aging, Anti-Injury, Super-Fitness Plan to Keep You Running to 100,” took five hoops and reviewed them for The Los Angeles Times: Hoopalicious Storm Hooper, the Hoopnotica Fitness TravelHoop, the BodyHoops Infinity Travelhoop, the Canyon Weighted Hula Hoop, and the Original Hula Hoop by Wham-O. What did Wallack think? He found the Wham-o hoop to be “not as fun as the adult hoops, too much work, and the noise gets irritating fast.” We couldn’t agree more. What else did he have to say? See for yourself: LA Times