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Veronika “Kit” Petra: Inside The Hoop

kit You may have seen Veronika “Kit” Petra spinning her LED hoop on that recent episode of CSI: New York. Maybe you spotted her eating fire in the new Britney Spears video “Circus.” Perhaps you caught her performing with T-Pain and Ludacris on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Wherever it was, you probably already know that Kit’s been making a name for herself, including becoming a national celebrity in Belize, and with her win as Fire Hooper of the Year in our 2nd Annual Hooping Awards we knew it was time to find out more about her, our Hooper of the Week! Who would have known that when the 26-year-old Santa Barbara resident went to a “Heal the Ocean” concert less than two years ago that her life would be forever changed? Find out more in our interview below.

The Sierra and Baxter Hoop Off

sierra and baxter hoop off Recently two of this year’s Hoopie Award winners were in a hooping battle of a different kind. It all started when five-year-old hoop diva Sierra Hellemans, whom you might remember from her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, challenged Baxter of The Hoop Path to a hoop off. She said, “Baxter, you think you’re so good at your Two Birds Hooping. Well I’m gonna give you a challenge! If I win you’re going to have to wear pink fancypants.” He responded to her saying, “Sierra, I knew this day was gonna come when you, Little Miss Hot Stuff, Little Miss I Get On National TV Before Anyone Else Does, when you would want to challenge me, the Sensei of Two Birds Hooping!” To which Sierra shot back, “Yo Baxter, it’s on!” The final showdown took place in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently. Who emerged victorious? We have all of the video evidence below:

Scottish Qualifications Authority Staff Get Hooping

fiona blair The Scotsman, Scotland’s National Newspaper, reports on the new hooping classes being held at the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), the National body in Scotland responsible for the development, accreditation, assessment, and certification of qualifications other than degrees. “A dance teacher has started a lunchtime hula hoop class to help stressed-out workers. As well as running a thriving afternoon drop-in class at the city’s Dance Base centre on the Grassmarket, hula hoop teacher Fiona Blair has now started a lunchtime session at the SQA head office in Dalkeith. The class allows workers to take a break from their normal work preparing exam papers and keeping the education minister up to date.” Blair, pictured, told The Scotsman, she decided to take the classes into the workplace to help people get some much-needed exercise – and a little bit of fun as well, noting, “The class is mainly about having fun and learning to laugh at yourself. If you’re not prepared to have a laugh it will be a long 45 minutes…” A spokesman for the SQA said the classes have so far proved to be “extremely popular.” Full story: The Scotsman

Will The Hula Hooping Obamas Make It Hip?

hooping obamas Vicky Hallett, Fitness Columnist for The Washington Post, is wondering if the hooping Obama family will make hooping hip. Apparently she doesn’t know that it already is! She writes, “Barack Obama has made no secret of his love for shooting hoops. But you may be surprised to learn that Michelle Obama is apparently more comfortable spinning them. She was photographed at her daughter Malia’s birthday picnic last year showing off a few tricks. … Word of Michelle’s skills has the hooping community buzzing, particularly in Washington, where several instructors have been recently certified by Hoopnotica, a California-based group that has standardized ways to teach moves. And just about all hooping enthusiasts are waiting for that invitation to get together on the East Lawn. “I’ve created this daily vision of me hooping with Michelle, Malia and Sasha,” says Jocelyn Gordon. The article also talks to Noelle Powers, Tina Bauch and Martine Koissy. As previously reported, Barack has called Michelle the best hooper he knows. The post article also references so if Michelle or Malia or Sasha are reading, we couldn’t be more excited! Full article with the photographic evidence: The Washington Post