Month: September 2008

New Sound Solutions: The Ion Block Rocker

While does not make a habit of telling you about products, this one is so interesting I simply had to. Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach pulled into the pool party at Hoop Camp with this silver box speaker on wheels that…

Kati Köykän: Aikamoista Vatkausta

While we’re waiting for news to roll in from the HoopCamp Retreat this past weekend, Kati Köykän of was interviewed by the fourth largest newspaper in Finland on the topic of hoop dance. Riikka Harjula writes, “Hoop dance on…

Tokyo Hoop Stars

This weekend I was privileged enough to meet Deanne of at Hoop Camp 2008. Here she is with the other Tokyo Hoop Stars enticing everyone in Japan to join the love revolution.

Beckham Catch

This week’s hoop trick is a foot interception that comes to us from Crissy Gugler of Santa Clara, California. She notes, “Corby calls this the ‘Beckham Catch’, which I think sounds pretty nifty.”

Thievery Corporation: Mandala

This week’s hoop track is from the new release by Thievery Corporation and it’s called “Mandala” from the new album “Radio Retaliation.” Merriam-Webster defines “Mandala” as “a Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe ; specifically : a circle…