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New Sound Solutions: The Ion Block Rocker

block rocker While does not make a habit of telling you about products, this one is so interesting I simply had to. Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach pulled into the pool party at Hoop Camp with this silver box speaker on wheels that was blasting yummy sounds. I was surprised to find out it was a sound system for an iPod, and it even had it’s own built in rechargeable battery. “The battery lasts for a long time,” she told, adding, “I’ve taught six classes without having to recharge it.” Retailing for $300 and having found it online for as little as $230, we think it’s pretty exciting. Something like this allows you to truly be good to go hoop anywhere with enough volume to blast you right into your hoop bliss. Ion Audio Got Hit In The Head With a Hard Drive

sad mac While I was away at Hoop Camp for the weekend, went down and went down hard, for 18 hours. The good folks at Internet Connection noted, “On Sunday, September 28 we had an outage affect one of our UNIX servers that may have resulted in a disruption of service. Specifically, a combination of failed hard disks and controllers prevented us from having a speedy recovery, but as of 11:50pm EST, service should be back to normal.” Our host has never had a problem like this and as usual are doing a great job with customer service. I blame the Mercury retrograde. When returned though our listening station had vanished, along with many images, all of which I have repaired. I’ve now noticed though that while our comment system is intact, it’s not functional at all. Hmmm. Hopefully I’ll have that rectified very soon. In the meantime, any mail you may have sent during the outage appears to have not reached me as well, so please contact me again and thank you for your patience! – Philo

Kati Köykän: Aikamoista Vatkausta

kati While we’re waiting for news to roll in from the HoopCamp Retreat this past weekend, Kati Köykän of was interviewed by the fourth largest newspaper in Finland on the topic of hoop dance. Riikka Harjula writes, “Hoop dance on vienyt oululaisen Kati Köykän mukanaan. Köykkä osallistui sirkustyöpajan toimintaan kymmenen vuotta sitten, jolloin syttyi kipinä sirkustaiteeseen. Kolme vuotta takaperin hän hankki itselleen leluvanteita ja etsi niistä tietoa netistä, jolloin törmäsi ensimmäistä kertaa Hoop danceen. “Netistä löysin videoita, joissa liikuttiin musiikin tahtiin vanteilla. Minulle avautui täysin uusi maailma”, Köykkä muistelee…” Yes, it’s all in Finnish and I really don’t have a clue what she’s saying, but I do know that the piece includes a video! Translation anyone? Full story: Kaleva.

Thievery Corporation: Mandala

thievery corporation: mandala

This week’s hoop track is from the new release by Thievery Corporation and it’s called “Mandala” from the new album “Radio Retaliation.” Merriam-Webster defines “Mandala” as “a Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe ; specifically : a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side that is used chiefly as an aid to meditation.” Featuring the stylings of Anoushka Shankar, I can’t help but think they wrote this specifically for us to hoop to. Check it out in our Hoop Sounds listening station up top, and listen to and download the other tracks from the new album on iTunes by clicking:
Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation - Mandala (feat. Anoushka Shankar)

Hoola Monsters Craze Hits Tampa Bay

hoola monsters on tampa 10 Tampa Bay’s 10 recently had the Hoola Monsters on the news. “Whether you’re looking to spice up your fitness routine with a little creativity or you’re in the market for some engaging hoop dancers for your next party, the Hoola Monsters have got you covered. We uncovered these gals and knew we had to get them on our show! The Hoola Monsters are now teaching classes in St. Petersburg and Sarasota. Tampa and Clearwater classes will be taking place in the very near future.” Video below, full story: Tampa Bay’s 10