Monthly Archives: August 2008

Take Care Of Your Waist!

hooper Over at Women’s Health Blog they’re urging women to take care of their waists – by hooping of course. “During centuries-old existence a mankind thought up lots of ways to stay fit. Various diets, starvations, physical exercises… But hoop remains one of the most original and in many respects pleasant ways. … We offer a list of advantages of hoop exercising: 1. Pleasant pastime. Hula-hoop makes struggle against superfluous kgs exclusively pleasant. 2. An irreplaceable assistant in training of muscles of hands, backs, feet and shoulders. Its use provides a set of various exercises on extension. 3. Effective organisation of time. Hoop rotating for only 10 minutes a day in a waist zone will provide you a considerable effect in its reduction and strengthening. Each of us tried hoop in childhood. Now we matured and forgot about an old hoop. But, having left the childhood, we have not left our dreams: we dream, as before, of a beautiful harmonous body and smooth skin. There is a simple way to embody this dream in reality. It is a way from our childhood, it is a hula-hoop.” More advantages in full post: Women’s Health Blog

Jackie Kasaback, 14, Hoop Entrepreneur

kasaback The Signal reports that Jackie Kasaback, age 14, believes hooping is the fun way to get in shape. After becoming exposed to hoop dance at the end of last year she found out more info online, eventually starting her own hoop business, Hoop du’ Jour. Tammy Marashlian writes, “Kasaback, who is home schooled, said she picked up hula hooping quickly and moved on to learning various tricks… [deciding] to turn her hobby into a business by making her own decorative hula hoops and selling them through her Web site… Along with custom hoops, Kasaback offers a handful of designs, including a pink and white pattern that supports breast cancer.” Full story: The Signal

Australia Abuzz About Marawa

marawa When does a New York show capture the attention of Australia? When Melbourne-born Marawa Ibrahim is the star. We reported on Désir recently. Now The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are both spreading the news. “Since the show opened nearly three weeks ago the graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts has become a magnet for American hoop enthusiasts. … The show uses one of [Josephine] Baker’s signature numbers, Don’t Touch My Tomatoes, as ‘a kind of theme song for her in the show’, Marawa says. ‘It’s as suggestive as it sounds so I’m glad my dad isn’t here to see it.'” Sydney Morning Herald, The Age

Kansas City Gets Hooping

sarah dettmer The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Missouri) reports, “It happened at a music festival, as you probably could have guessed. ‘There was a girl who let me borrow her hoop, and I haven’t put it down since,’ Sarah Noelle Dettmer (pictured) said. She doesn’t mean that literally, of course, but the hoop has become a big part of Dettmer’s life. Actually, she said, it’s changed her life. Hooping is dance. Hooping is meditation. Hooping is exercise. To modern hoopers like Dettmer, hoops aren’t toys, although they’re fun. So what’s a good place and time to hoop, besides an outdoor festival? ‘Anytime,’ said Dettmer, 21, a vocal performance major at UMKC’s Conservatory of Music. ‘Like I just hooped before I started making lunch.'” Full story includes video comparison of 50’s hula hoop vs. the hoops of today: Kansas City Star