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Hoop For Peace at the Democratic National Convention

melody Melody Moezzi, an attorney and author of “War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims,” will be hooping for peace during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. She’s inviting everyone to join her in the fun for this vital cause and has started Hula Hoop For Peace. She notes, “World peace may seem unattainable, or even ridiculous, as a practical goal, but attempting it is imperative, especially today. Any attempts toward such lofty ideals must begin at home. Hula-Hoop for Peace (HHP) is such an attempt. … I am an Iranian-American. I have two homelands: the United States and Iran. I am not half-Iranian. I am not half-American. I am 100% Iranian and 100% American. Thus, peace, particularly between the US and Iran, is not simply a political issue for me: It is deeply personal.” Full story: Payvand,

Tarn Gillies Creates Hoopla on Discovery Coast

gladstone observer In Australia, Tarn Gillies is being called “the Hula Hoop queen of the Discovery Coast” by The Gladstone Observer. She told them, “A few years ago I was at a festival and saw a girl with a big hoop getting people involved and it just seemed like such good fun. So I bought a big hoop from her and started making them and practicing more and more at home.” She’s applied for a permit to teach hoop classes on the beach at Agnes Water and the foreshore at The Town of 1770. Gillies “It’s a bit of a shame I won’t be here on World Hoop Day, but I will be hooping it up in Europe,” she said. Full story: Hoopla in August

What To Do On Your Summer Staycation

staycaters with hoops In New York, Staten Island Live is sharing some ideas for your summer “staycation.” Melissa Chapman-Mushnick writes, “This staycation term- which I wish I would’ve coined- is really gaining steam since not only are gas prices going through the roof- but so is EVERYTHING else… And to help you get your staycation off to a lovely start… Get your Hoop On!” The article focuses in on Hoopnotica and their “Mommy and Me SuperHoopers Kit.” The full story: Staten Island Live

Why Do We Stop Playing?

maura Maura Shuttleworth, a lawyer and powerlifter who is currently the national champion on the bench press in the 105-pound weight class, has some things on her mind. She writes, “Today, I was out doing my cardio… I walked by a playground and it occurred to me that playgrounds are great places to get a mini workout in. At the playground, I walked by, there were bars to swing across or do pull-ups on, a rope thing to climb on, jungle gyms of course, and then swings for when you are finished with the other stuff. How fun! So, I wondered, why do we stop playing when we get to a certain age? Is it because it’s not adult-like to go swing on the swings and swing across the playground bars? That we’re socially trained that we’re not supposed to do that sort of stuff?” Read the full post: Maura Shuttleworth. Maura does know how to play. Her and Fawn Friday hoop it up in the video below: