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Health Benefits of Hula Hooping

body by design Body By Design takes a look at the “Health Benefits of Hula Hooping.” They write, “Hula Hooping has been a popular activity for decades. But just recently people are learning of the health benefits of hula hooping. Fun, Engaging, Simple, Hula Hooping can be a great exercise for both children and adults. Following are some health benefits of hula hooping: Burn Fat – Hula Hooping is a great fat burner. Some of the large muscles of the body are activated causing higher blood flow and increased heart rate. Because of the amount of energy used your body will burn fat to fuel those large muscles at work.” See other health benefits: Body By Design

Hamsa Lila: Eh Mustapha

Hamsa Lila: Gathering One

This week’s hoop track is by Hamsa Lila and it’s called “Eh Mustapha” from their release “Gathering One.” We’ve added it to our Hoop Sounds listening station up top, so give it a listen – and be sure to check out their other great tracks and download your own on iTunes by clicking:
Hamsa Lila - Gathering One - Eh Mustapha

Shadjua: Inside The Hoop

shadjua Shadjua, aka Joshua Parker, is an awesome 29-year-old hooper who has made quite a name for himself in San Luis Obispo, California, quite possibly the Carrboro of the West Coast. In addition to his work with Fluid Luminescence, a Circus Arts Collective, he also works doing HIV Prevention Education. Parker will be making history soon too when he makes his marriage to his husband Michael legal, thanks to a recent California Supreme Court decision calling for marriage equality in California. With many heading out to celebrate Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Pride this weekend, is celebrating with Shadjua, our Hooper of the Week. Find out more about him and his mind-boggling hoop skill in our interview below.

New Media Artist: Hoopalicious

anah The New Media Artist reports, “Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach is one of the premiere hoop dancers in the country. She has helped to elevate hoop-dancing to not only an art form, but to a livelyhood [sic] as well.” The New Media Artist’s mission is to share the information and experiences of artists and performers who use “new media” (podcasting, social networks, blogs, viral marketing, etc.) to increase their visibility, positive perception and fandom. Find out more about hoop dance, hoop business, her appearance on America’s Got Talent and more by checking out New Media Artist’s Tony Edwards’ podcast video interview with Anah below: