Monthly Archives: April 2008

Rocky Mountain Hoopla

Jamie’s first video delivers a lil’ Rocky Mountain hoopla at Hoosier Pass and Valley View hot springs in Colorado. Soundtrack: “The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter” by Thievery Corporation.

Learning To Hoop in Boise

idaho violist Jen in Boise, Idaho, found herself at a Boise Hoopla class. She writes, “Cardio Kickboxing was pretty challenging. … But the Hula Hoop class was insane. … Hooping is kind of hard for me to do. I’ve never been that great at it. … Most of the class was spent hooping for a minute, giggling, and watching other people drop their hoops or accidently hurl them across the room when trying a Wild West Hand Switch, a manuever that involves twirling the hoop above your head, lasso style. I cracked myself in the head a few times trying this one.” Adventures of an Idaho violist

Lauren Shaw Is One With Her Hoop

lauren shaw The Current of Egg Harbor Township is spreading the news about hooping. Lauren Shaw of Longport, Pennsylvania, tells them, “I have had people come up to me in Margate and they say ‘Oh, you’re the hoop girl.’ I’ve never been one for attention, but I love the happiness I see on people’s faces. … I was hooping to salsa music on the boardwalk in Atlantic City and within five minutes I had a crowd of about 50 people.” The paper reports that Shaw has picked up on a trend “whirling through the nation. Many people in the club scene and fitness world are dancing with the hoola hoop … and elevating it to a new art form.” Full Story Here

Bonobo: Nightlite

Bonobo: Nightlite

This week’s hoop track is “Nightlite” by Bonobo from their newly released third album “Days To Come.” Brooke turned us on to the track and we’re loving it too. We’ve added it to our Hoop Sounds listening station up top and/or check it out and download it on iTunes by clicking:
Bonobo featuring Bajka - Days to Come - Nightlite

Bay Area Hoopers: Five Years Later

vera Bay Area Hoopers (BAH) gathered together on Sunday afternoon in San Francisco’s Dolores Park to celebrate the hoop group’s five year anniversary. What started unexpectedly on April 27, 2003 at a party at Min Jung Kim’s house has, much to everyone’s surprise, resulted in five years of weekly hoop jams, an email list with 428 current subscribers and a tribe with 288 hooping friends. While hoopres literally took over more park space than ever before, co-founder Vera Fleischer was on hand with a celebratory birthday cake.