Iowa Hoops For Health and Spirit

hooping for health Jeff Zelnio told the Des Moines Register, “When I first started doing it, and I got it, I thought, ‘Everybody should feel like this. It’s just an awesome feeling; it’s so much fun.” Zelnio has also seen physical benefits from hooping. He lost 45 pounds in his first eight months. Others in Des Moines are hooping for their health and Dawn Sagario hits one of Dee Hoogenakker’s Hula-Fit-Mix classes at Fitness World West. It was Charlotte Tacker-Meyers’ first class who had been doing old school hooping since she was 5 or 6. How was it? She told Sagario, “It was very intense.” The full story: Des Moines Register

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  1. March 26, 2008 at 5:54 am

    Was great to be able to fill out the article in more than just fitness 🙂
    If anyone reading this is not on our tribe please join us!

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