Monthly Archives: March 2008

Start Spinning Your Workout

hooper spins into a workout as Sarah Wassner Flynn writes, “As you are spinning, hold your arms above your head or out to the side. Slightly bend your knees and drop your butt down slightly as though you are about to sit down on a chair – that means rear back and knees above ankles. Slowly return to a standing position and repeat 10 times. Add a lunge. Keep your hoop in motion and turn to your left with your arms out to the side. Extend your right leg about two feet behind your left. Bending your left knee slightly, slowly drop the right knee down into a lunge position, and then gently return to a standing position. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides and do 10 reps with your right leg in front.”

A Sufi South Dakota Spin

hoopers In South Dakota, a Capital Journal article by Jessica Reiter reports: “Most hoopers find themselves quickly addicted. The stalling, spinning motion is reminiscent of the Sufi practice in which devotees whirl themselves into a meditative state. Even simply standing in place and hooping around the waist brings a sense of calm, clarity and focus, perhaps due to the concentration required. The whirl of energy, with the hooper at the center of the vortex, creates an ideal environment for active meditation, and the hoop provides a large ‘safe space’ into which no one else may enter. The massaging swirl can be healing, affirming and a natural mood-lifter. All this from a hula-hoop.” Capital Journal

Iowa Hoops For Health and Spirit

hooping for health Jeff Zelnio told the Des Moines Register, “When I first started doing it, and I got it, I thought, ‘Everybody should feel like this. It’s just an awesome feeling; it’s so much fun.” Zelnio has also seen physical benefits from hooping. He lost 45 pounds in his first eight months. Others in Des Moines are hooping for their health and Dawn Sagario hits one of Dee Hoogenakker’s Hula-Fit-Mix classes at Fitness World West. It was Charlotte Tacker-Meyers’ first class who had been doing old school hooping since she was 5 or 6. How was it? She told Sagario, “It was very intense.” The full story: Des Moines Register

An Anniversary of Sorts

philo Acknowledging an anniversary of sorts, although’s birthday isn’t until next month, it was this very day a year ago the decision was made to not only keep online and alive, but to hopefully take it to a whole new level. With co-founders Ariel and Vera having moved onto bigger and better things, I remember that it wasn’t an easy decision. But now, 365 days and 734 postings later (more than in our first four years combined), I have no regrets. Thank you to everyone who has supported this past year, from our advertisers to our contributors, to those who have sent in videos and photographs and letters, to each and every one of you who shows up here every day – thus making doing this so worth while. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has truly been a year to remember. – Philo Hagen, Editor