Hoopies: The 2008 Award Winners

trophy After three weeks of nominations, deliberations and voting, the time has come to announce the winners in the 2007 Hoopies, Hooping.org Magazine’s first annual awards celebrating greatness in our community. Preliminary nominations opened on January 1st, 2008, and closed on January 11th at 9pm Pacific Standard Time. More than 400 nominations were submitted. These results were tabulated and your top five nominated finalists in each category were presented to you for voting. Where there were ties, and there were several, more than the customary five finalists were included on the ballot. Voting opened on Monday, January 14th, closed on Friday, January 18th at 9PM PST and more than 1000 valid ballots were submitted. Who are the winners of the 2007 Hoopies? It’s time to find out.

2007 was an amazing year in the world of hooping and we’re proud to present these awards. If you’re a hooper, you’re already a winner and there are certainly no losers here at Hooping.org. We applaud all of our nominees and each and everyone of you for participating in this years awards. There were many close races, but inevitably the tide did turn, particularly for those residing in The City of Angels, Los Angeles, California. Here are this year’s winners:
1. Event That Promoted Hooping To A Larger Audience:
event: world hoop day
Also nominated:
Burning Man
HeartFM’s UK Ad Campaign with Hoopgirl
Hoops For Haiti
Hoopnotica on Good Morning America
2. Oustanding Newbie Hooper (Started in 2007):
newbie: hooplur
Also nominated:
Coehlo: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Deanne: Tokyo, Japan
Theory: Bloomington, Indiana
Victoria: Birmingham, Alabama
3. Oustanding Hoop Instructor:
instructor: baxter
Also nominated:
Christabel “Hoopgirl” Zamor: San Francisco, California
Keaton Talmadge: Hoopnotica: Los Angeles, California
Natasha “Silverstar” Young: Hoopsie Daisy: Berkeley, California
Rayna McInturf: Hoopnotica: Los Angeles, California
4. Outstanding Hooping Tribe Member:
tribe member: caroleeena
Hooping.org Magazine’s Hooping Tribe is a great place for hooping discussion and community. Moderated by Xta Giles in Vancouver, British Columbia, we recognize one member of the tribe as being outstandingly tribal.
Also nominated:
Ann Humphreys: Carrboro, North Carolina
Beth Lavinder/Williams: Smithfield, North Carolina
Geoffrey / Vicious Von Loop: Calgary, Alberta
Natasha: Dayton, Ohio
5. Online Hooping Video of the Year:
video: guggenhoopin
Also nominated:
Her Birthday Hoop Vlog by Hooper
Im Rachem Des Jaguars by Sharna Rose
Insatiable Zombie Love by Grace Face
Isolation Solution by Nicolas Longuechaud
Mix and Yoshi by Mix and Yoshi
Pink Light by Tyler Jensenand the Nordeast MPLS Hoop Troop
Omas Hooping in Berlin by Laura Scarborough
Spiral: Hoop Dancer by Vivian “Spiral” Hancock
6. Best Hooping Song of 2007:
song: bassnectar-verbing the noun
If you have iTunes, clicking the song links below will take you directly to each listening page. If you don’t have iTunes you can download iTunes here. For best results open iTunes prior to clicking the links below.
The top five nominated songs:
Make Me Sweat by Basement Jaxx
Verbing The Noun by Bassnectar
Hoola Hoop by Macka Diamond
Just Fine by Mary J. Blige
Boyz by M.I.A.
7. Hoop Group of the Year:
group: hoopgirl allstars
Also nominated:
Bay Area Hoopers: San Francisco, California
Groovehoops: New York, New York
Hoopaholics: Sydney, Australia
The Hoop Path: Carrboro, North Carolina
whirlyGirlz: Portland, Oregon
8. Fire Hooper of the Year:
fire hooper: kamala mathis
Also nominated:
Barry Clement: Atlanta, Georgia
Brandon Huston: Portland, Oregon
Julia Hartsell: Carrboro, North Carolina
KC Van de Merkt: Chicago, Illinois
Vivian “Spiral” Hancock: Richmond, Virginia
9. Male Hooper of the Year:
male: karis
Also nominated:
Adam Grieve: Madison, Wisconsin
Barry Clement: Atlanta, Georgia
Jon Baxter: Carrboro, North Carolina
Stefan Pildes: New York, New York
10. Female Hooper of the Year:
female: rayna
Also nominated:
Ann Humphreys: Carrboro, North Carolina
Christabel “Hoopgirl” Zamor: San Francisco, California
Lynn Knickrehm: Boise, Idaho
Sharna Rose: Maidstone, England
Vivian “Spiral” Hancock: Richmond, Virginia

5 thoughts on “Hoopies: The 2008 Award Winners

  1. Congratulations to all of the spectacular hoopers and new hoopies holders.
    This has been a wonderful experience, nice one hooping.org.
    Thank you to all of my gorgeous friends new and old who showed their love and greatness.
    I am one happy hooper to be surrounded by such inspiring spinners.

  2. The ladies of Hoopnotica and I thank you for your votes and support!! It’s a real honor to be chosen by our community, and we’re very grateful and happy to inspire! We also congratulate all of the fabulous winners chosen!
    Happy Hooping,
    Rayna & Team Hoopnotica

  3. I woke up to an email from Silverstar congratulating me on winnging a Hoopie. Wow! Yay! I was voted Hooping.Org’s first “Outstanding Hooping Tribe Member”. I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before. Even in high school, when they were giving out awards like, “Most likely to do blah-blah-blah”, well, they forgot me. I was the only person in the whole school who didn’t get one. So it’s the first time I’ve ever had to figure out how to respond to something like that. I’m going to try to do that now.
    First let me say, Thank you! This happened because many of you, my friends, nominated me and voted for me. I am touched and grateful and honored. Thank you.
    I know in my heart that I am only one person out of many who contributes in lots of different ways to this community, both here on Tribe and in hooping in general. We are a community brought together by and in the circle. In particular the “Tribe” circle would not be what it is without the participation of EVERY person who participates. So I want to recognize everyone who has ever had the courage to share their opinion or go out a limb by filming themselves and sharing it with us or had the kindness to leave an encouraging comment or reached out to help a newbie figure something out. Community is made up by community members and I recognize that I am only one member of this wonderful community. It wouldn’t exist without every single one of us.
    I also feel honored to stand alongside the other community leaders who were nominated for this award. Beth, Ann, Geoffrey and Natasha are all amazing members of our extended hoop family. I have seen each of these people reach out, instruct and encourage so many hoopers. I am honored to stand alongside them and I share this with them completely. They are my role models and my mentors as well as my friends and my hoop family. I feel proud to be counted in their number.
    Thank you Hooping.org. Thank you for this and thank you for everything you do every single day to influence the lives of hoopers across the globe! Whoever thought a website could affect so many lives? And in such a positive way!?! It’s beautiful and gives me hope for the internet, for the human race, for our future. I am so so so grateful to Philo and to everyone who has ever had a hand in making Hooping.org what it is today.
    I am also grateful for you — my community. You inspire me to be here, to share here. You lift me up, educate me, inspire me, engage me and encourage me. It makes me cry to think of it all. I am better in every way for having you in my life. And I am so grateful. I simply adore you all. Word up, yo.
    So, thank you.
    With love,
    Carolyn (aka Caroleeena)

  4. Wow, I never thought in a million years WHD would win an award. Every one of you who participated in WHD shares this award with us.
    Melanie L. MacNeil, a WHD ambassasor is giving away hoops in Jamaica right now, a group from Wisconsin is heading to Africa this summer, and Wheylan and Jewels just gave away hoops in Guatemala and Belize. We are always looking for more ambassadors to GIVE hoops to those less fortunate than us.
    888 is coming up soon. Where will you hoop to celebrate the circle of peace? How many people will you inspire?
    Thank you so much for voting. Thank you for celebrating the hoop with an international holiday.
    Hoopin’ Annie O

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