Monthly Archives: January 2008

Niki Chow Avoids Sex Scandal By Hooping

chow How do you best avoid reporters when a sex scandal hits? If you’re Hong Kong actress and Cantopop singer Niki Chow you hold them at bay by stepping inside your hoop. Chow appeared at Pacific Place shopping mall, Admiralty, Hong Kong, where she wound up giving a hooping demonstration. Photos of artist Edison Chen’s bedroom antics with his ex-girlfriends Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung were released over the past three days in a pre-mediated motion, with photos of Chow rumored to be next. HK tabloids had linked her with Edison in the past and she was asked if she was worried. Chow replied that the matter is in the hands of the police, that it is too sensitive at the moment and that she does not want to fuel speculation. Then, she went back to hooping. Zhong Hua Rising,

The Hoopla Bike Rack Prototype

the new bike rack We all want to be greener, sparing the air and saving gas, not to mention the big bucks it costs these days. Getting your hoops to the hoop jam on your bicycle though has always been something of a struggle. While some have figured out a way, Danielle McIntosh in Madison, Wisconsin, decided to take the challenge head on and make the issue her senior design project at the University of Wisconsin. What’s so cool about her invention, The Hoopla Rack (patent pending), is that it’s completely collapsible too. She told, “The first prototype turned out pretty good!” We’re in total agreement with her and we’re sure you will be too. The Hoopla Rack

MTV’s Made Reveals Bryce’s Hoop Experience

boston hoop troop On MTV’s Made, Bryce had a dream of becoming a ballroom dancer. As part of Coach Phillip’s plan, Bryce wound up spending some time learning how to hoop with Marria and Ammon from the Boston Hoop Troop, only the scene never made it to the air and was left on the cutting room floor – until now. Marria explains to Bryce, “I think that Cuban hip motion is similar in the cha-cha, that it’s a lot of front to back.” Bryce tells viewers, “Holy Crap, could they do crazy amazing things with those hoops!” And you won’t want to miss your lesson in hoop hugs. MTV’s Made: Hooping

Daily Candy’s Hoop Dreams

susan chace Over at Daily Candy, the Seattle edition is giving gyrating wildly the thumbs up. “…hooping, a new and surprisingly difficult full-body workout that resurrects playground hula hoops. Brought to Seattle by Magnolia Pilates instructor Susan Chace, the class builds strength and coordination by mixing hula hooping and dance. No matter how much you used to rule at recess, pumping your hips like a pro and learning tricks like the slinky and the snake require practice. … No circle jerks allowed.” Daily Candy Seattle