Monthly Archives: December 2007

Hooping Comes To Reno

reno While many will be ringing in the new year in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2008 will find hooping making its way to another Nevada locale – Reno. In fact the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Department is offering hooping classes in “the biggest little city in the world” calling hooping “a fun and effective aerobic workout … a great compliment to your existing workout routine and especially fun for those who enjoy alternative ways to move and stay fit.” Douglas Times

Jacob Knows What He’s Talking About

school Bob’s son Jacob, age 7, brought home an award with the words “New School Hula Hoop Record – 49:18.” Bob thought it odd the school had such a record and that no one had been able to hoop for longer than a minute and after congratulating Jacob, who insisted it was 49 minutes and 18 seconds, Bob informed him he was mistaken. “Neither my wife nor I really thought he knew what he was talking about. I mean he is a first grader and what do they know. … This morning when my wife dropped Jacob off one of the teachers approached the van and asked her if she was proud of Jacob hula hooping for 49 minutes.”

Hoop Dreams: To Look Good In Lingerie

ukranian princess A “Ukranian Princess” in Prestwich, Manchester, UK, had a dream. She wanted to look good in lingerie. “I know a lot of women who don’t like their bodies are put off by the prospect, but i love it anyway.” She wanted to look in the mirror and like what she saw, “and [I wanted] Mr. Boyfriend to look at me and agree!” So she exercised, she dance trained, and then she added hooping to the mix. “After a few weeks of hula-hooping before dance training, I have noticed more of a waist. Yes! All those nights of looking like a knob gyrating in a plastic circle have paid off because i now have shape.” Ukranian Princess

Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr Learn To Hoop

carr and collins Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr, the UK television stars of Channel 4’s comedy program, The Friday Night Project, put their performance skills to the test. Appearing at the matinee performance of Zippos Circus Christmas Show, along with guest host Davina McCall, the pair had to learn traditional circus skills including hooping, fire sticks, whip cracking and clowning. The episode will appear on Channel 4 on Friday, December 28th. Harrow Times