Sufjan Stevens on The BQE and Hooping

sufjan hoopers Last night at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Sufjan Stevens debuted The BQE, a 30-minute symphonic and cinematic exploration of New York City’s infamous Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, a controversial crowded urban roadway he compares to the hula hoop. He writes, “Much like the automobile, the hoop relies on the basic laws of physics administrated by the simple machine of the wheel, the greatest of human inventions. Notably, there are no macroscopic wheels to be found in animals or plants. It is a purely human construction. And yet the wheel has come to symbolize spiritual transcendence, reincarnation, yin and yang, Chakra, the wheel of life, the calendar, the seasons, astrology, and divinity. Is it no wonder, then, that this geometric phenomenon has been appropriated both for the modern convenience of the automobile and for the amusement proffered by a plastic toy?” Read his full Asthmatic Kitty Records post.

One thought on “Sufjan Stevens on The BQE and Hooping

  1. This gig was the artistic highlight of 2007 for me and the 4 other hoopers involved in this project. It was a 35 piece orchestra, a full rock band, an experimental film and Us…all in front of 2800 person sold out opera house for a 3 night run. The lighting, the sound, the way we were treated, couldn’t have asked for more!

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