Sufjan Stevens’ BQE: A Hooping Extravaganza

bqe Sufjan Stevens’ World Premiere of the BQE had even more to do with hooping than we’d thought, including featuring members of Groovehoops. Daphne Carr writes, “The visuals were interwoven with still and film shots of hula hooping women … in body-hugging raver costumes. They came out several times, accompanied by two male hula hoopers, to dance, hoop and toss in time to the music, first in slow, ballet-like daylight scenes, and then later in glowing nightclub abandon. The several minute-long uses of strobe on their lithe forms went from poetic to circus-like pretty quickly. Très “new music” spectacle. When it was all over, Stevens got a standing ovation. He came out hula hooping…” The article includes many noteworthy photos. Pitchfork Media

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