Monthly Archives: October 2007

Hooping French Canadian Style

Rebecca Halls and company At Tangente in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, hooping is in the spotlight with “r.squared” presented by Rebecca Halls, a show “teeming gravity defying suspension with multiple manipulations of the body’s central axis. Hula hoop with a revolutionary spin.” Halls told La Presse, “When I arrived in Montreal in 2005, my hoops under my arm, I was confident of finding a lot of hoopers in a city as cool as Montreal. To my surprise, there were none…” Now she’s converting Montrealers to the hoop, teaching classes at the YMCA, and integrating hooping with the performing arts. The article, written in French, talks about, our hooping Tribe and more. Cyberpresse (English)

You Are What You Eat Misses The Mark

gillian On BBC America this week, on the TV show You Are What You Eat, Holistic nutritionist Gillian McKeith (pictured) had her clients pick up hoops – the wrong kind. Caroleena explains, “[Gillian] put this very large couple in a couple of very small plastic hula hoops and expected them to be able to hoop and, more importantly, to love it. Only you can’t hoop with hoops that small, especially if you’re as big as they are! They completely failed. Someone needs to turn Gillian onto regular hoops. They could really help large people who need joy in their lives as well as exercise. Using small dollar store hoops is setting them up to fail. And that’s no good!”

New York City’s Village Halloween Parade Hoops It Up

groovehoops Groovehoops is taking part in sponsoring a float this year for the Village Halloween Parade in New York City. Stefan Pildes says, “We would like to extend an open invitation to anyone with a hoop to join us, surrounding the float with hoopers. The theme of the parade this year is ‘Wings of Desire,’ interpret as you wish, and we have marque parade placement.” Call time for the parade is 6:00 pm in the West Village. If you can’t make it and are in the Big Apple you can still set your Tivo to catch in on NY 1 Television from 8 – 9:30 p.m.