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Philly’s Hooping To Lose Weight

philly hoops In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, CBS TV Channel 3 turned the spotlight on hooping to lose weight. Stephanie Stahl reported, “They’re not using a traditional hula hoop. They are made by 26-year-old Tina Hemmerle of Bethlehem. Her hoops are bigger, heavier, and more flexible to create an intense cardio workout. “The bigger hoops, you can move up and down your body. You can move them while they’re still spinning, you can step through them,” said Tina. Weighing up to three pounds, the hoops help tone muscles and burn calories, potentially 100 in just 10 minutes. Hooping five days a week for about an hour has helped Tina lose 30 pounds in one year. Link includes news video footage. CBS3 Philadelphia

Hooping Is A Workout

vanderburg Helen Vanderburg (pictured), for the CanWest News Service in Canada, writes, “I remember countless hours in the backyard Hula-Hooping with friends and competing for the best time. The recollection came rushing back when I attended a hoop aerobics class this summer in San Diego at the World IDEA fitness conference. The HoopGirl workout class I took was more like an energetic dance routine than the casual hooping of days gone by. The workout, choreographed to music, had us twirling hoops around our waists, arms and legs, and rolling them across the floor. Read More.

More Hoop History

ganymede with a hoop According to a paper by Master Brusten de Bearsul, OL, OP, with thanks to Natasha, hoops have been used in various games since at least the classic Greek period. There are pictures of men playing with hoops on pottery and other similar sources dating to the golden age of Athens, and coutinuing down to the hula-hoop craze of the 1950’s. In Pieter Brughel’s painting of children’s games, dated to 1560, a boy and a girl are shown in the foreground rolling hoops with sticks. The practice of rolling hoops of various sorts with sticks was a common amusement in period, and is not as simple as it might appear. … There are over 100 edicts banning the playing at rolling of hoops, from most of Europe, from most periods from which records survive. One of the odder ones bans the rolling of hoops by those on Pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Joseph of Camposena while traveling on 3 of the 4 major routes into the Shrine, and allowing on the 4th route only if no riders be in sight, and not on Sundays or Holy Days. Only hoops of wood were allowed to be rolled in the streets of Paris in 1473, and only in certain districts. Read More