Monthly Archives: July 2007

Heavy Hoop Complaints Arise Again

broken heavy hoop Having discovered our previous posts and comments related to earlier poor business practices, Mary Ann Renzelli writes, “I guess I found out too late that my order should have not been placed with I am a Personal Trainer and my 6 heavy hoops bent and began to separate the first time my clients used them. Heavy Hoops said they would send replacements at first, and then the company would not return e-mails or phone calls. I was ultimately forced to have Visa reverse payment and credit my account. The hoops continue to pull apart. Even their video was poorly made.” And Renzelli isn’t the only one complaining.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley Hoops It Up

kerri While Americans were finding out about hooping on Good Morning America, morning television maven Kerri-Anne Kennerley, host of the top-rated Mornings with Kerri Anne, was busy sharing the joy of hooping on her show in Australia. The program, which was broadcast on this particular morning from GTV 9 in Melbourne, showed the 53-year-old in a segment on “mastering the hula hoop” – one of several reasons Kennerley declared, “Melbourne people have a real sense of style. … It’s the real capital of Australia and it’s time we started investigating more of it.” The Age

Good Morning America, Time To Get Hooping

keaton from hoopnotica This Monday morning, on the nationally televised ABC News program Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, American television viewers will be getting the message that it’s time to start hooping. In fact, the ladies from Hoopnotica will be on the air live on July 30th at 8:30am EST and 8:50am EST. You may have seen Hoopnotica’s Keaton on MTV e2 recently talking to Anna Cyson of eTalk, and now the team is set for major national exposure. Tune in or set your Tivo/DVR.

Jumping Through Hoops in New Zealand

hooper Kerri Jackson writes for The New Zealand Herald, “I am, if forced to be honest, not one of life’s natural athletes. But if I had a golden age of athletic ability it was probably somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10. Monkey bars, handstands, hula hoops … I was mistress of them all. … In an attempt to recapture my glory days, I eagerly signed up for the Hoopla! two-hour beginners hula hooping workshop. … With hooping you’re constantly engaged, and, while you might get frustrated when you can’t do something straight away, you also get the satisfaction of finally conquering it – which you will. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling your hoop out at parties and impressing all your friends – just like when you were a kid.” Read the New Zealand Herald article.