Monthly Archives: June 2007

The Big Contest of 1958

vintage hoopers Hooping Flashback: Susanne Weible writes for the Jackson Citizen Patriot, “The summer of 1958 was a whirl. In Jackson, more than 500 children wanted to become the city’s grand champion in the Citizen Patriot hoop-spinning contest. The event took place … at the Jackson County Fair.” Various events and levels later, it’s interesting to think about how it once was, and what a similar hooping contest would look like today. Read the article.

Dawn Bustanoby Hoops For Bliss

playapixie Dawn Bustanoby, otherwise known as Playapixie, lives in Seattle, Washington, where she works as a Registered Nurse and Pediatric Intensive Care specialist. When she isn’t saving babies, you can find our 38-year-old Hooper of the Week out hooping. It began two years ago. She explains, “I was at an Oracle Gathering and my friend William had brought his hoop. I had just come out of a very dark winter after the death of a dear friend and the death of a long-term relationship, and was still not feeling like my usual happy self.”

Waist Hooping Exercises

superhooper compiles “exercises (that) are designed to inspire your body and your creativity” – taken from the first class in their Atlanta Hoop Dance Series. They’re good reminders because after all, you can never know the basics too well. The ideas are a conglomerate taken from their own hooping experience and discussions on’s hooping tribe. They note, “Hooping is all muscle memory. The more you do it, the less you’ll have to think about it.” Read Get The Most Out of Waist Hooping.