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A Hoop Group Blooms in Connecticut

mailbox Hi!
Just checking in to let you know I listened to your advice. No instruction necessary. Just gather people and start hooping. Thats what I have done and now I have a group on Monday nights, Wednesday nights and Saturday morning. I am getting the Northeast community of Connecticut and Rhode Island hooping and spreading the joy. I’m even planning to gather everyone over the summer and have a great big HOOP day. Thanks for your encouragement!
JudiAnn, So. Killingly, Connecticut

Movin To The Grooves

movin' to the grooves Crystal Quarles of The Herald-Dispatch in Ohio writes, “If teachers tell their students it’s time to exercise, they may hear a couple of groans from the students. But if they add a little music, hula hoops, laughter and games, smiles are usually the outcome.” agrees, and the same philosophy rings true for adults as well. Read The Article. 3.0: A Reawakening

philo When began nearly four years ago I don’t think any of us had the idea that it would last this long or that it would become what it has. While we wanted to spread the joy of hooping around the planet, little did we imagine the future friendships with other hoopers that would transpire locally, nationally, in Europe, Asia, Australia… I thought of these connections the most when, left alone at the helm, I questioned my waning enthusiasm for continuing the project. Had run its course? It was something to consider.