Month: December 2006

Holiday hooping

Young Brevin gets fast and serious about his holiday hooping. Happy holidays from Magazine!

Panhandle Hooping

While it might be too cold outside for many of you to be hooping in the park these days, Bay Area Hoopers turned out in force to hoop in The Panhandle of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Amanda is…

Neck Toss

Antonio tosses the hoop up with his neck! This is one of his signature moves that has been wowing us for a while.

Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs: Inside The Hoop

isa As we take a closer look this week at poi spinning and hooping and the combination of the two, we took time out to interview Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs. Isa is the Founder of Temple of Poi, the world’s premier poi fire dancing school, and she’s a Professional Fire Dancer and Flow and Fire Dancing Coach. What insights does she have to offer those of us taking a look at expanding our hooping reportoire by adding another hoop, spinning poi or attempting both simultaneously? Take a closer look Inside The Hoop this week and find out.

Miss Saturn vs the Donut

In Saturn vs Donut, Miss Saturn “takes up arms – er, rings – to save the world from the sticky, disdainful clutches of evil mutant pastry supervillain Doctor Donut.” Photo by Linus Gelber, New York City.

Hanging With the Hoopers

Hanging With The Hoopers: The Canadian article features Christa Giles in British Columbia, Sandie Yancey in Ontario and Andrew Tidby in New Brunswick – and!