Making Hoops in the UK

tubing Richard in the UK tells us, “I’ve started making my own hoops and tracking down materials in the UK
turned out to be a little trickier than I expected, but a visit to my local farming supplies store paid off. I’m sure there must be a few other people in the UK who are wondering where to get tubing from. I bought mine from “Mole Valley Farmers” in Bridgwater. I was pleased to find that they stock the 1 inch diameter tubing. Also, I found that there are BIG differences in the prices of pvc electrical tape. The big hardware stores sell little 15meter rolls for 99p but you can buy nice big 33meter rolls from specialist building suppliers – I buy mine from “Electro Volt South West.”

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  1. I’ve found loads of places that sell the tubing in the UK. Wickes sells a 25m roll for £19ish. The Plumb Center does the same for £8.50ish.
    Basically any plumber merchants will sell it. You get funny looks when you tell them what its for!!

  2. I’ve been to the Plumb Center, Wickes and even B & Q. They all sell the tubing but none sell the connectors, only chunky external ones. Where did you buy yours? Do they have a special name? Some other use? Is there an alternative I could use? So near and yet so far… please help!

  3. re -connectors in uk.. what you need are probably known as “Barbed Straight Connectors”
    I have had some on order for a while now from a uk irrigation supplier and will let you know how they work when they arrive. …we’ve been using hoops for many years now as part of circus skills work and have just recently come across this site..good luck with it all!

    20 , 25mm and more sizes.
    approx £15 for 10 inc del. if you want just one or two best to try local irrigation suppliers. “barbed straight connectors”. (in old days we just shoved a bit of wood inside water pipe and taped it over..does the trick for simple workshop hulas) there you go…now you know where and what…all easy to get.

  5. I didn’t like the barbed straight connectors that I used. They only had two barbs and althought they fitted very snugly it did not make a rigid hoop at the join. I tried quite a few from many different suppliers. I use a modified washing machine out hose connector (39p) with some glue and tape applied while glue is still cooling. However the best connector I have tried for ease and strength was an american one shipped to me. I do have some coming and they are going to be fairly cheap even incl import tax.

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