Monthly Archives: September 2006

Hooping in Saigon

jennie in saigon

San Francisco hooper Jennie Jensen found a dusty hoop in the back of a store while traveling in Saigon, Vietnam. How was Saigon? Jennie replies, “It was great fun hooping in a communist country!”

Burning Man 2006: Deep End Hoop Jam

Here’s video footage of the Deep End Wedding Hoop Jam at Burning Man in celebration of Christabel’s nuptials that morning. Footage includes Spiral, Baxter, Hoopalicious and’s Philo (in white behind her), Blaze of Renegade Juggling (in shorts to his left), Revolva with LED hoop and go-go boots, and others including Lainie. Amy Goldstein with camera filming for Hoop: A Revolution of Sorts. Video by PeakRrr.

Mom hoops at stART in Worcester

mailbox Ashleigh writes, “I was lucky enough … to take part in an art festival in Worcester, Massachusetts, called stART on the street. I’ve participated before as a vendor selling hemp and horns, but thanks to and the hoop tribe I was able to bring along some hoops. I found a picture of my mom trying to drum up some business by hooping her heart out too! Thanks and keep up the good work!” To view Ashleigh’s mom hooping go here and click on events.