Monthly Archives: September 2006

Hooping in Saigon

San Francisco hooper Jennie Jensen found a dusty hoop in the back of a store while traveling in Saigon, Vietnam. How was Saigon? Jennie replies, “It was great fun hooping in a communist country!”

Directory Updated

Our Hoop Group Directory has been updated – so many groups now! If yours is missing, let us know. If you don’t have one near you, start one of your own.

Autumnal Hooping

Just because the weather’s cooling down in much of the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t mean it’s time to stop hooping. Enjoy the Autumnal Hooping in Madison, Wisconsin with Danielle and Brooke.

Burning Man 2006: Deep End Hoop Jam

Here’s video footage of the Deep End Wedding Hoop Jam at Burning Man in celebration of Christabel’s nuptials that morning. Footage includes Spiral, Baxter, Hoopalicious and’s Philo (in white behind her), Blaze of Renegade Juggling (in shorts to his…