Monthly Archives: August 2006

Black Rock City Garnish Fire Conclave 2006

The Official Black Rock City Garnish Fire Conclave, a multi-national team of fire performance superstars who come together every year at Burning Man, present a cavalcade of flaming flow art, even fire hoopers on stilts. Click LINK to view a larger size.

Sass hoops for peace

We adore our friend Sass, who is currently back in her hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa, acting in a television soap opera. Here she’s celebrating the day out of time, hooping for peace in these times of war and violence. Soundtrack: Michael Franti’s “Crazy, crazy, crazy.” Click LINK to view larger size.

Princess Aiko hula hoops

Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito and his family are on holiday in the Netherlands. Naruhito’s daughter, Princess Aiko, enjoyed spending her time hula-hooping and watching insects.


Alexis hoops with a close friend at Treasure Island Beach, Florida. The photo Snakecharmer is from the St. Petersburg Times article.