Monthly Archives: July 2006

Learning To Hoop at 52

At 52 years of age Karen Lang-Ferrell writes:

“I’ve enjoyed reading all about hooping on your website. I was reading a recent “Prevention” magazine and an article mentioned the fact that hooping was a good core exercise. After two weeks of trying to keep the hoop going, I finally succeeded. Boy was I happy. I was just ecstatic at being able to keep the hoop going. As a child, I remember hooping and loving it.

I just turned 52, and it’s a great way to get a mini-workout at home in a spare 15 minutes. I put on some groovy tunes and start hooping. I’m finding that with each session, I learn different techniques, get it to move at different speeds, and just have better over all control. It is getting me more in touch with my body and that can’t be a bad thing!”
Dear Karen –
Getting in touch with our bodies is never a bad thing! Thanks so much for your letter Karen – and for the inspiration you’re giving to others.