4 thoughts on “Kilt Hooping

  1. Well, I am just so amazed at how blind adult students are doing in my brandnew class. About two weeks ago, I started teaching three studens who were blind and visually impaired, and the energy was great. One of the guys just did it like he always did it, I was just there to coach them and to get them to imagine different things. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that they came back last week for more, and last night was such a blast. I had six people, four being guys, and two being women. I explained what I was doing and tried to get them in the groove of just doing it. It helped to have a legally blind woman who could see a little so she could explain what I was doing. The people just seemed to go with the flow of movement and freedom, and I told them to imagine being in Hawaii, and they did. We cracked jokes as we swung our hoops, and I had mine going around my wrists and arms. Then I spun madly around in circles going in the same direction of the hoop and then in the opposite. What a burst of energy. This is so great being able to teach something like this because as a blind person, myself, this is as close to being able to see as this can get. So all you hoopers out there, keep having fun, and keep the imagination flowing.

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