Monthly Archives: April 2006

“Hoop the Movie” wants YOU!

As you may know, there is a spectacular movie in the works about hooping! We want everyone to have an opportunity to be included. The director Amy asked that I post the following on her behalf…

HOOPERS OF THE WORLD, the feature film HOOP A Revolution of Sorts( is looking for digital video footage (mini-dv) of Hoopers from all over the United States and the World to represent hooping’s far reaching potential. While hooping please say: I am hooper (in as many different languages as you are comfortable speaking in).
While hooping (please, no music) can you respond to the following questions (please always include a context to what you are saying, make sure we know with each answer that you are talking about hooping):

  • “What is a hooper?”
  • “Why hoop? “

AND if groups of people are getting together in your community to hoop would
you please film that also. In order for us to be able to include what you film, we need you to print out from our website an individual release form and sign it:
And clip release form and sign it:
And if you are filming a group of people hooping, you’ll need to post this sign, on a tree or wall is fine, please fill out the sign with the date and location, and film the sign before you start filming the people hooping:
Please send footage and release forms to:
SPAN Productions PO Box 2475 Venice, CA 90294
Please join our mailing list at so that we can let you know about our upcoming video-podcast, and about the release of the film. Thank you so much. HOOP FOR PEACE

Hoops to fight obesity!

Here’s a great article about how some NYC hoopers are using hula hoops to help fight child obesity.

Nixon, the Oasis counselor, says that even though children may not yet recognize the benefits of twirling a hoop, they respond with gusto.
“They light up,” he said. “It gives them confidence which helps them all around.”