Monthly Archives: March 2006


Lately I’ve been playing around a lot with footwork in tricks. Spring has finally hit in Seattle, and it’s time for backyard hooping again!

Anah profiled in LA Times

The LA Times published a great article about Anah today: read it!

Before the class started, Reichenbach explained the two basic schools of hula hooping. There is circus-style, which involves multiple hoops and tricks. Then there is “hoop-dance,” which has tricks too, but the focus is on the dancing. Within hoop-dance, she explained, are the followers of the Colorado jam band String Cheese Incident, who use bigger hoops and have a hippie bluegrass style, and her own style of hooping, which incorporates electronic music and break dance-type moves.

It’s a wonderful article and it give me a bit of personal satisfaction … I interviewed Anah for the LA Weekly in 2002, and the publication turned the article down because hooping was too obscure. The LA Times article shows that hooping (and Anah) has really, truly hit the big time!

Hooping featured in TOPIC magazine

Last August I was interviewed by someone from TOPIC magazine for their upcoming issue about fads. The issue went live today, and here is the interview: Don’t just stand there and gyrate: A devoted hula hooper teaches us her moves. It requires a login, and I have created the following account for all hoopers:
Username: Hoopers
Password: Hooping
The original interview has been edited quite a bit, and any grammatical errors you find in there aren’t my fault! I also want to apologize for the inaccuracy that says that I run There are several of us who run it. Regardless, hooping and have been written up by TOPIC magazine, and that’s good news!