How to Start a Hoop Group

At we receive quite a few emails that say something like “I live in Wichita, Kansas and nobody hoops here. What can I do?” The answer is very simple: It’s up to you to start the revolution in your community! It’s time to stop waiting for somebody else to take the initiative and start taking matters into your own hands.

A hoopless community doesn’t turn into a hoopful community from nothing. Somebody needs to do something. Philo and I realized this in April 2003 when we felt the urge to start hooping regularly. At the time the only hoopers we knew were Ariel, who lived in Los Angeles at the time, and Jason, still in the Boston area. But we were in the San Francisco Bay Area and we really wanted to hoop. So we got together at a park one Sunday and told some friends. There were about eight of us that showed up that first Sunday. The Bay Area Hoopers have been meeting and hooping every weekend since then.

Here are some tips to help you get the hooping started in your area:

1. Have hoops to share
Chances are that if people don’t hoop yet in your area, they don’t have hoops either. But if you bring five or six hoops, you’ve got enough for a group. Now you just need people to start twirling those hoops. Many hoopers that we know started hooping by first trying out one of our hoops. They had so much fun that they decided to get their own. It’s easy to inspire people to start hooping if you have hoops to share.

2. Hoop in public places
A great way to get the word out about your hoop group is to hoop in public places. Rather than trying to describe in words what hooping is all about, let them see you in action with their own eyes! The energy and motion that hooping displays will speak for itself and people will start to get really interested in what you’re doing. Some might just stay and gawk for a few minutes, then go on with their hoopless lives, but you will find that many people will be curious enough to pick up a hoop. And as you know well, once you start, you can’t stop! So go out and show people the joy of hooping.

3. Be open to meet people
Maybe you already have a few friends who are interested in hooping, but be ready to make some new friends as well. Almost everybody in my current circle of friends I met through hooping. Having a hoop around your waist is a great conversation starter, and if you want people to join your hoop group, you’ll have to start having that conversation. And you’ll probably find that you have more in common than just an interest in hooping with the people you meet.

4. Be ready to organize events
If there aren’t any hoop events in your area, it is up to you to decide the where, when and how! Just bring some hoops and some music and invite other people. You might consider starting a mailing list or a group on dedicated to your hoop group where events and news will be posted. It really doesn’t take much to organize hooping events, but the rewards are plentiful when people start showing up and enjoying themselves.

5. Don’t be afraid of rejection or disapproval
You know you’re doing a good thing. Even though they don’t always know it yet, people love moving their bodies. It’s good for them. And with hooping, people usually don’t even realize that they’re actually doing something good for their bodies – that’s how much fun it is! I’m sure you will find that as you keep getting hoopers together, many of those who initially declined your invitation will start showing up.

Now get out there and start some hoop groups! It’s time for you to take the hoop into your own hands and start showing the world what can be done with it.

7 thoughts on “How to Start a Hoop Group

  1. Its true! Every last bit of it.. I saw hooping on here, made myself hoops, took a few out to play in public spaces with friends, and now hoopiness is a great big part of my life!
    Now, moving into offering hooping workshops here in Vancouver, I’m hoping to grown the hoop scene here even more!

  2. This is awesome! Thank you Vera! Perfect timing. I Love and my friends and I have been talking all week about setting up a group in Richmond Virginia. Thanks for your guidance and positive energy.

  3. Wow! Great posting:) My friends and I started hooping this summer in our backyards. My friend decided to have our hoop group meet in a public park. She even contacted the local newspaper to post our meetings. We have just a small group so far but they are definetely hooked! Thank you for the advice. 🙂 :)-Celeste

  4. we just started a DC-MD-VA hoop group a month or so back; getting our “members” through and personal relationships … we have yet to create a website; any chance that might LIST all regional hoop groups? even those without websites?
    also, we got a bunch of cards printed through; inexpensive, simple design … easy for everyone to carry around and pass out when people ask them about hooping
    the cards even say “Visit for info, resources, video clips & websites selling hoops”

  5. Yes! Fantastic article… this is how it all started for me all alone in Santa Barbara! I ended up leaving grad school and becoming a full time hooper! An inevidable side effect of starting a hoop group will be that a great demand for hoops will be created, so get ready to help fulfil that. An unexpected newspaper article on the cover of the Life section brough hundreds of more hoopers to our hooping event event… so consider putting a blurb in your community listings and letting the paper and radio stations know. They will do a lot of the work of getting people there for you!

  6. I’ve actually grown a tiny community on my college campus. I learned how to make hoops and i started giving them away to friends. I have 4 friends who hoop semi regurlarly (it’s a favorite thing to do when drunk) I have 14 hoops myself and about 19 hoops total in my apartment, so i’ll go outside and bring all my hoops and anyone who passes by and is curious i’ll invite to try. It works expecially well on party nights as the kids pass by. I’ve been trying to figure out how to start a class for it (we have little spinning classes and yoga calsses) but i personally am not an endourance hooper so i’m tryong to work up to it to be able to teach a half an hour 45 minuts class without stopping.

  7. Hello! Can anyone direct me to a hoop group in Los Angeles? I just started hooping last week and I’m having a blast! I’m able to move pretty comfortably with the hoop around my waist, but I can’t seem to get it to my shoulders! And when I do it’s a hard smack! and this leaves nasty bruises and sore spots. Overall, my shoulder and neck technique is far from graceful. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? It definitely looks easier than it is. Thanks!

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