Monthly Archives: October 2005

2005 Film Festival

It’s finally here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
We received over 20 hooping videos from around the world! A fabulously diverse array of people and hooping styles. Click the image below to check out all the films!


Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and to MandalaHoops for hosting the videos and donating the bandwidth to make it happen!
Contact Rob for any questions or changes.

Hooping on NPR’s “All Things Considered”

NRP’s “All Things Considered” did a piece today on hooping. The piece focuses on String Cheese Incident’s role in the modern emergence, and thankfully makes it clear right off the bat that it’s not hula hooping. It’s just hooping. They also get a laugh out of the idea of “professional hoopers.”
Take a listen to it.
… and to the journalist, Sean Cole, who learned to hoop as part of his research? Welcome to the circle, Sean!

Hoop Sounds

gadjo: so many times Last night after hooping in Dolores Park with some beautiful people, I came home, wandered into the backyard, cranked up the tunes and hooped some more. A few minutes later the Gadjo’s So Many Times (Club Mix) came on and I found myself magically transported to that other dimension. I hit the groove and rode it and the beat just kept the world spinning and spinning until I became one with the hoop. God I love that feeling. It got me thinking about my favorite hooping songs, like Arranguez by Sol and Groovejet by DJ Spiller. And it got me thinking about your favorite hoop sounds too. While we may have different tastes, and we may even hoop at different speeds, I want to know – if we were to create the ultimate hooping music compilation right now, what songs would you insist be included on it? Please be specific.